Monday, March 9, 2009

A walk around the yard

I took a walk around the yard this morning.  First I saw a Robin sitting in a tree so I ran into the house to get my camera.  The Robin didn't stick around for a photo shoot.  
I looked around for something pretty to photograph.  It really was quite depressing to walk around and look at the yard.  It's a mess!  The change of seasons between winter and spring is one of the ugliest times of the year for me.  Maybe because I am so anxious for green and flowers.  I couldn't even find a thing sprouting up yet.  
So in the absence of anything beautiful and interesting to photograph I was drawn to these two adorable mugs.  
I love you Zo-Zo!
And I love you too Boo-Boo, even if you won't pose for the camera like Zoe does.


Pigeon said...

My yard is a yucky mess too. I hope that changes soon. Seadra and Zoe will have to pose for more pretty pictures while we wait for Spring to really get going.

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh how great it is to see the girls!!! I've missed you my friends!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Margaret said...

Those pups are more beautiful than any flower that may pop up in your yard. And you can't kiss and hug a flower!

Shellmo said...

I agree that this time of year is the ugliest in the yards! C'mon green!! (Nice to see your pups!)