Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hummingbird Migration Map

Just a quick post for my friends who love hummingbirds.  Did you know there is a website for hummingbirds that tracks and posts the migration of hummingbird north to their breeding grounds.  Last year southwest Michigan arrival was around the 15th of April.  This maps shows the latest reported sightings as of today.  Click here and check it daily to see when your hummer friends will be arriving by you.  I can't wait for mine to arrive!  


Jen said...

Oh Bless You~
No I didn't know about this.
I an SO looking forward to them and using my new wide mouth feeder~
You just made my day.

Ben said...

This is the year we capture the interest of a hummingbird or two! Will mix up the red sugary stuff soon!!!

Pigeon said...

Looks like we have a ways to go before they travel up north to us. What a great web site find. Very cool.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I saw this recently Jessica---but when I went back to find the link, I couldn't find it. So--I'm glad you posted it --again, JUST for me. ha...

Can't wait 'til the hummers get here.