Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Jeep is getting an overhaul

This is the latest project going on in the garage.  Now that the snow has melted and the snowmobiles are put away until next winter Craig and Caleb are onto the next project. 

Meet Craig's '83 CJ7.  Craig has always been into trucks and 4-wheelin.  He purchased this Jeep in 1996.  As Craig put it, it looked like swiss cheese when he purchased it.  This project in 1996 turned into something that the whole family has loved for the last 13 years.  I've lost count on how many times we've taken this Jeep 4-wheelin to Silver Lake sand dunes, 4-wheelin in the state forests, 4-wheelin in the ravines on my parents property... just to name a few.  But without a doubt the most pleasure I get out of it is the rides we take on hot summer days/nights with the top and doors off.  During the Jeeps 13 year history with us we have had a few conversations about selling the Jeep but the conversations never last very long because none of can bear the thought of ever parting with the Jeep. 

So..... Craig and Caleb have decided that this is the year to give the Jeep an overhaul.  Craig celebrated his 25th year of employment at Lanes this last fall and in celebration of that event the Lanes gave Craig new wheels and tires and new seats for his Jeep and a few other accessories as well.  This really got Craig and Caleb excited to get working on the Jeep.  They have big plans including a new paint job and new motor.  As you can see from the photo they are well on their way. 

Now that warmer weather is on the way they are on a time frame as well.  We'll be anxious to get it out on the road.  I'll post updates occasionally as progress continues.     

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