Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Ride of the Season

Today was the day!  Our first ride of the season.  
We rode about 40 miles thru the Keeler/Sister Lakes area.
For being the first snow it wasn't as rough as we thought it was going to be.. but that's not saying we couldn't use a lot more snow.  
Now I've really been bitten by the snow bug... I'm ready to head to the U.P. for some real snowmobiling!
And thanks to Margaret my feet stayed nice and warm.  The wool socks she knitted me are wonderful!  


Pigeon said...

I have never ridden on a snowmobile and I don't much like the snow and cold, but I do have to admit that that does look like fun!

Jen said...

Glad you got what you wanted ***** SNOW!
and I hope it took your mind off all your computer problems for a bit. Enjoy!

Shellmo said...

Jessica - we had over 2 feet of snow in Gaylord! More is coming! I thought of you - you need to come snowmobile here! Do you give lessons?? ha,ha! We are going to go buy our gear next week - and rent the snowmobiles in the next 2 weeks to try it out. You may be looking at a new sled head!

Dee said...

Not only were your feet warm, but they were very CUTE! Beautiful sock!

Margaret said...

Looks like fun! Glad you like the socks. Nothing like merino wool to keep you toasty.