Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The birds will cheer me up

I was feeling a little down this afternoon.  Craig and I both have time off this week, a rare occasion that we both have the same time off.  We planned on going north to do some snowmobiling with friends but the freakish high temps in the 60's last week wreaked havoc on the trails, even up north.  We'll have to try again in a few weeks.  
I thought my birds might cheer me up.  They didn't disappointment me.  The sun is shinning today which was good for photographing the birds.  I have a lot of these house finches.  Most of the males are red like this pretty boy. 
But this one caught my eye.  I've never seen one so yellow.  Last week Shelley posted that house finches become more red by how much red they have in their diets.  I think he needs to eat some cherries or something.  
But he's still a pretty boy too.
Isn't he beautiful? 
I found this adorable guy spying on me up in the tree
Look how brilliant red his head is when the sun shines on him.  I wonder if this is my baby from last summer?  


Pigeon said...

Great pictures! I am really getting into birding also; thanks to your inspiring photos.

Dee said...

Beautiful pictures. I got a great shot of a goldfinch on my sister's porch railing.

Unfortunately, it's on HER camera. I picked up the wrong camera from the table. LOL

Shellmo said...

Your birdy photos certainly cheered me up! This spring - you & I will need to experiment and feed our finches lots of red food! :-)

Ruth said...

Your pictures are excellent. I have never seen a yellow house finch, but there are plenty of wild red berries around here.

Dee said...

Come on down ... I'll teach you how to knit. :-) It's warm here!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your trip, Jessica. This crazy weather is unbelievable this year!!!! Hopefully you will get to do it soon.

Your bird pictures are beautiful... I love the male House Finches. I don't have any here now--although they supposedly are in our area...

Happy New Year.

Margaret said...

Love your bird pictures. They brighten my day as much as my flowers.