Monday, December 1, 2008

Brian's Birds

I'm calling these Brian's Birds because I took these photos on Thanksgiving Day when we were at my in-laws for dinner.  My brother-in-law Brian enjoys feeding the birds like I do.  
He happened to have a bunch of white breasted nuthatches fluttering around that day.
They are one of my favorite birds... OK, so like I have 20 favorite birds!
But I do love the way they can hop around trees upside down.  


Shellmo said...

In the last photo he looks so cute and inquisitive!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. It just amazes me the way they just cling to the trees.

Margaret said...

How cute that little bird is. And his coloring is beautiful. Nice pictures.

Pigeon said...

Your amazing bird close ups inspire me. There is a zoom lens available for my camera, and I'm going to order it so I can improve my bird photos.

Laura said...

Beautiful pics, and I learned something new about Brian!