Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas came early for Craig

We really are having a blizzard today... Of course Craig is thrilled.  We've gotten a LOT of snow today!  And temps in the single digits.  For months (years for that matter) we've been contemplating buying a snow blower.  Today was the clincher.  After a friend came over and plowed the drive Craig decided to go into town to finish his Christmas shopping.  He came home with the best gift for himself.    
When Craig left I told Caleb ..."You watch.. Your Dad is going to come home with a snow blower".  Do I know my hubby or what?  
I was happy... He blew a path to my bird feeders for me.  


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Craig! Looks like you found the perfect gift.

Jen said...

We got one a couple years ago. My husband loves it. Only problem is we have a neighbor that sometimes likes to do a good deed and comes and plows, then my husband can't use his toy. :(