Monday, May 19, 2008

The masked bandits

I know most people have issues with squirrels when it comes to feeding the birds. I have learned to live with the squirrels. They basically are leaving my hanging feeders alone but feast on my ground feeders. I only see them a few times a day. Sometimes I shoo them away but for the most part I have decided that they are harmless. And they certainly don't seem to be bothering the birds. They eat side by side.

Anyway, I have a bigger issue. Raccoons!! At least I'm blaming it on raccoons. They are tearing up my bird feeders. It all started some weeks ago when I discovered my hanging feeders tipped over and all the seed on the ground in the morning. OK, now I put my seed feeders into the shed about 9:00 PM and put them back out at 6:00 AM.
This morning was the worst yet.... First off I looked out the window and one of my sugar feeders is on the ground and the others are empty with muddy paw prints all over them. My suet feeders are riped off and I find them way out back by the woods. My gourd bird house is on the ground all muddy too. I had a small wheel barrel that I had cleaned up spilled seed and empty sunflower shells that I hadn't disposed of yet. It looked like someone put a bomb in it... all over the lawn.

So now what do I do? Put away every single suet, seed and sugar water feeder every night? I guess so if I don't want to pull my hair out every morning.

It's a good thing that I enjoy going out and "doing the birds" in the morning.


Margaret said...

Darn raccoons! They're like little furry gangsters! I guess you can't do much about it, though.
I can remember them terrorizing our trash cans when I was little. They would roll them down my parent's driveway until they hit the garage and bust open. Then they had a feast.

Pigeon said...

I found my suet feeder on the ground and the holes for the suet were completely empty. I was wondering if it was a squirrel but now I'm thinking a raccoon. Chris was surprised that it was on the ground because he had it secured in place. We used to have to secure our garbage cans closed with bungy cords. Raccoons can make a terrible mess out of garbage.

The Brat Pack said...

Ugh, what a problem. You're much more devoted than I am to bring in and out. Your wildlife is luckier than mine. ;)

Peanut said...

Racoons are nasty things. I have to say I wouldn't do that much work in bringing them all in and out every night. you are a better woman then me.

Shellmo said...

If you have some of your feeders on a pole, you can buy a baffle to attach to it - and that should provide an obstacle to your fierce racoons. I don't have racoons (yet!) but the baffles do work against the squirrel.

Ben said...

I had to literally put bars on the attic window to keep a bunch of raccoons from using our attic as a "party room". They had torn their way right through the screen. I really don't know how to get them to scram. Could you put a motion detector light out there?