Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun with the Blue Birds

Things are going really well with Josh and Ty staying with us. Both of the boys have been a pleasure to have around. One thing that Ty and I have in common is our love for photography. Last night Ty and I were bored so we decided to drive over to my parents house for some photo ops. The Blue Birds did not disappointment us. My Dad actually has the Blue Birds trained. It is his goal to have them eating out of his hands by the end of summer. I believe he will. He made this bell and every time he goes out with meal worms he rings the bell. Mr. and Mrs. Blue Bird immediately come flying to the feeder for the worms. They let us stand within 10 feet of them. This is the meal worm feeder that my Dad made them. He constructed it so other birds wouldn't steal their worms. Both the Momma and the Daddy bird get worms out of the feeder (see the worms hanging from their beaks) and then they fly over to the nesting box and take the worms into the box for the babies. Ty and I thought we could hear the baby birds chirping away. I suspect soon we will see little heads peaking out the opening.
My Dad is so proud of his Blue Birds. He told me that he's paying about $7 a week for meal worms. It's worth every penny.
Here is Momma Blue Bird. She's so sweet.
This photo is compliments of Ty.

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Shellmo said...

What a great idea your dad has w/ training the bluebirds - I bet he will have them feeding out of his hands soon! I really enjoyed your bluebird pictures - Ty's too!