Saturday, February 2, 2008

To meet up or not to meet up?

I'm enjoying my weekend. Today Jordan and I along with one of her friends went into town and did a little shopping, ran some errands, etc. We even treated outselves to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. While Jordan and I were running around Craig and Caleb went snowmobiling. Caleb came home jumped in the shower and was out the door again to the movies with friends. Craig is still out on the sled with some of the club members. Temps are suppose to be in the 40's the next few days so Craig is trying to get a little snowmobiling in while he can. I suspect there will not be much more snowmobiling again until we go to the cabin in a few weeks.
I posted an old picture of Zoe tonight. You can tell it's an old one because of the green grass. Right now you would only see snow! Anyway.... tomorrow is the pug meet up in Kalamazoo. I signed up for this group back in the summer and I have yet to go to a meeting. Each month I want to go but I always find some excuse not to go. I don't want to go alone because I know absolutely no one and I'm just too chicken to go by myself. I know that's a stupid reason not to go, especially when I want to go and I know I would have a good time if I did. And I know Zoe would love it. I asked Jordan to go with me but she has plans with Shane tomorrow. I wonder if I could get Craig to go with me? One of these months I will go, just not sure if it will be tomorrow or not.
Is anyone else having trouble with the spell check on blogger? I can't get the spell check to work the last few days on my PC or the laptop. I'm not the worst speller but I am not the best either and I really like that feature. Just wondering???


The Brat Pack said...

I know what you mean about the Meetup....I signed up for the North Texas one probably 10 meets ago and haven't gone. I always want to, but just don't for some reason.

Mexican sounds good tonight...MMM. :)


Margaret said...

Bella said we'd go if we were closer!

Peanut said...

Go Go GO. On friday I am going to a wives meet up and I know no one there. So GO GO GO. OH start using firefox. IT does spell check for you on everything you type.

74WIXYgrad said...

I have Windows Vista and when I am posting, it automatically tells me when I misspell a word, so I don't have to use the spell check function.

Jeannie! said...

Hi Jessica, yes the spell checker does not seem to be working on blogger since the end of last week.

If its not one thing with darn blogger its the other it seems.

I hate going new places with new people on my own, but usually am ok once I get there.

Its when I read comments I realise I know nothing, I use Firefox but did not know about the spell checker, and cannot find out how to use it, if I could find it.

I am a hopeless case ;0(

Jeannie x