Monday, February 4, 2008

200th Post

Today is my 200th post. My first post was May 7th 2006 and here I am 200 posts later. And since then I've added Seadra and Zoe's blog and my Viewfinder blog. When I first started blogging I rarely ever got a comment. I knew no one else in the blogging world and other blogs I did happen to stop at I was always too chicken to leave comments. I was mostly just in my own little world. It was Seadra and Zoe's blog that lead me to have friends, which was only this last April. In conversations with my family I find myself saying "my blogging friend said this" or my "blogging friend did this". Yes, I call you all my friends even though we have never really met or even talked on the phone. It's been a lot of fun. I can't tell you the times I have sat at this computer and laughed out loud at things I have read or see on your blogs and there are times I cry with you too.
I have read articles before that say people blog for self centered reasons or bragging rights. I hope that is not the reason I blog. Of course I am proud of my family and I enjoy doing posts about the kids or things that we are up to. But for me blogging is a hobby, something I enjoy, it relieves stress, it allows me to be creative, I incorporate my photography into it of which I love.... there are many reason I like to blog. And I've met some great people. Not all people online are predators and we are proof of that.


74WIXYgrad said...

Jessica: Congratulations on your milestone post. You are correct that we're not all preditors and I take pride in that. There's something unique about everybody on our blog rolls. I blog about a variety of topics. During the late Summer/early Fall, my main topic is the Rittman marching band. Other times it may be some other rant of mune. Right now, I'm mainly blogging about blogging.

I discovered you through Frasypoo's blog roll and added you to mine after you wished me a happy birthday two days before your own.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Jess
I think I was one of the first few to find your blog and it was before school started and you blogged about clothes shopping for Jordan!
I talk about my blogging friends all the time too!My husband always gives me a look!
But our blogs connect us to so many people and its a wonderful network.
And you have bragging rights to anything you care to brag about!!So dont hesitate when you want to show off some achievement etc,we are your friends and want to share in it with you

Margaret said...

Well said, cyberfriend!
I feel like blogging makes the world a little smaller and friendlier.

Peanut said...

I call you girls my friends also. I blog because it's fun. So that's kind of self centered. :) :)

Amias said...

Over from WIXY .. and congratulations!

Of course Blogs are self-centered, after all we blog about things that affect us ---nothing wrong with that, because most of what we blog about others are having the same issues.

Blog on, because not only is it fun, it's cheaper than paying a counselor.

The Brat Pack said...

I call all of you my friends too but I do get odd reactions when I do sometimes. People don't realize what great friendships can be made even though you don't know each other "in real life".

I love blogging, it's fun and free therapy. :)

Ruby Bleu said...

200 posts! Congrats! I too refer to you all as my blogging friends because we really are, aren't we? We share the joys and the sorrows, the highs and lows and just like good friends we know how to butt in with advice - LOL.

Blogging is about sharing...there are some to are pushing their agendas, that is for sure, but I think our little DWB community truly embraces the real sense of sharing!!!

kasper794 said...

I found you thru Cliff. Just wanted to say congrats on the 200th post.

Jeannie! said...

Congratulations on your 200th post.

I agree with every word you say in this one.

I had a few probs with an "odd" poster a few weeks back, but everyone else has been lovely.

I so so so so agree with your sentiments here.

Keep on Keeping On with your posting.

I cannot comment every time but I look in regularly and enjoy all your posts immensely. I am sure if we met, we would get on like a house on fire.

love and much light, Jeannie in Scotland xxxxxx