Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A dream come true

Every time we head north it is one of my goals to see a Bald Eagle in the wild. My husband and my family know that too well, as I talk about it often! And I always head back home disappointed. This time my dream came true!! It was Tuesday about 2:30 and Craig and I were in the truck headed back to the cabin after spending a few hours at Hartwick Pines, a state park. As usual I had my eyes on the tree tops in search of that majestic bird. All the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a bunch of crows and vulture looking birds eating something up on a hill. And I thought I saw a Bald Eagle in the middle of it all. We were past it before I could be sure.
"Craig!!!!!!!!! I think I just saw a Bald Eagle!!!!" He thought he saw it too. Craig turned the truck around and drove back. Sure enough, there he was. He was way up on a hill at least a football field length away. He was eating on a deer carcass. We saw footsteps and blood leading up the hill so obviously the deer carcass had been planted there specifically for the birds.
My photos are by no way National Geographic quality but being that we were so far away I was half way pleased with them. I was using my telephoto lens but even with that I had to really crop down the photos.
After I had been snapping away for a few minutes Craig says "Why don't you try to get out of the truck and walk a little closer for a better shot?".
"No way. What if he tries to get me?" (like anyone has ever heard of a Bald Eagle attack).
"I can't believe that you have this opportunity of a lifetime and you won't get out and walk a little closer."
"OK, OK." Slowly I got out and started to walk up the hill.
I didn't get but a few yard and he flew off. I tried to get some photos of him in the air but they just didn't turn out well at all. On the way back to the truck I was laughing hysterically with excitement!! It was pure happiness.


Peanut said...

aren't they just the most majestic birds you've ever seen? So glad you got to see one live in the wild. There is really nothing like it.

74WIXYgrad said...

Jessica: Those pictures are great! You saw something in person many of us will never get to see, at least in the wild.

Shellmo said...

Wonderful pictures - I think we took pics of the same eagle! Additionally, my husband and I have seen an eagle 2 weeks in a row off I-75 just before the Roscommon exit (#244). I snapped photos of him too - so watch out for him next time you are headed up north!

Ben said...

Absolutely awesome eagle shots!

Margaret said...

That's so exciting! I always wanted to see one too. There's a wildlife preserve about 20 minutes from me. They have some eagles nests, but I've never seen them.
Nice pictures!

Ferndoggle said...

Jessica, those pictures are amazing! I can't imagine seeing a bald eagle in the wild. I get all jazzed up when I see a hawk. I need to get out of the city!


sohobutterfly said...

Very cool! What an amazing experience to capture in photographs!!!

Suki Sumo said...

I once saw a bald eagle while driving along the south shore of Lake Superior. There is no other experience like it (especially for a girl who grew up in Oakland)! How amazing!