Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Friday

We have a brand new Petsmart that opened in our area today. Actually, tomorrow is the grand opening but on my way home from work today I noticed that they were open so I stopped. Wow, what a nice place. I'm still going to go to the grand opening tomorrow. Jordan and I are going at 9:00 when the doors open and we are taking Zoe with us too. A bunch of company reps will be set up with promotions and samples and they are having a bunch of giveways and specials going on. I didn't have much time to shop when I stopped today so I'm looking forward to looking around tomorrow. How silly is it that I'm excited about a pet supply store opening? Zoe can't wait to go.

I sometimes feel guilty that I don't take Seadra on as many outings as Zoe but Zoe is so much easier to take places. She so laid back and easy going. She would let any stranger or dog approach her and be happy to meet them. Seadra, on the other hand, is high strung and she does this high pitch scream when she sees a strange dog. It's embarrassing. Seadra gets just as much attention and love that Zoe gets so I'm sure she doesn't even notice that Zoe gets to go on more outings.

Speaking of the dogs. We've been putting the hamsters up out of reach of the dogs when we not at home just in case they decide to mess with them. We've had them almost 2 weeks now and they haven't once tried to jump on their home or act aggressive towards them. So last night we went to dinner and "forgot" to put the hamsters up. When we came home the top was completely off laying on the couch and the hamster home was teetering between the wall and the coffee table. How it didn't completely fall over I'll never know but had it I'm sure the hamsters would have been gone or eaten. I guess we won't trust the dogs around them.... It's just too tempting for them.

And speaking of the hamsters, we have learned their personalities. One is friendly and the other is mean. The mean one you cannot pick up. If you put your hand near her she gets on her hind legs and waves her arms at you in a threatening way and she does bite!! She has drawn blood on several occassions. The nice one is adorable. Jordan puts her hand in there and opens her palm up and she just crawls right into Jordan's hand. She just loves to be played with. She will crawl all over Jordan, she's soooooo cute!!! Jordan has named the nice one "Bo", not Boo, but like Bow. The mean one still doesn't have a name. I don't know why we haven't named her yet, just lazy I guess.

Caleb left around noon today for a youth church retreat up near Traverse City which is about 4 hours north of us. They will be sledding, skiing, snowoarding.... 3 days of fun in the snow. I'm sure he's having a great time.

Happy Friday everyone!! I've got a three day weekend.... Yahoo. And only one more week until our vacation at the cabin..... Double Yahoo.


Jeannie! said...

Happy Friday! I am enjoying your blog, your dogs sound lovely, too.

I am sorry to read that Seadra is not so easy, but no worries, they look wonderful on your dog blog, their characters shine through your words.

I am glad to have met you and your family and your lovely dogs.

It is very spring like here in Scotland today, the spring bulbs are out and the sun was shining.....and it stayed light till nearly 5.30 pm tonight, Scottish brilliant summer, long days and short nights, is on its way.

Happy Weekend! Jeannie xxxxx

Margaret said...

I took both of my knuckleheads to the Petsmart one Saturday..I agree-ONE AT A TIME! Boy, oh boy, did I experience chaos. And everyone wanted to stop and meet them. I usually like this, but at the store, they became hyper little monsters! I love 'em to death, though!

Peanut said...

Some dogs just don't do well out in public so much. It probably just stresses Seadra out and she probably doesn't mind staying home. Glad the hamsters did not get eaten. Sounds like putting them up is the best thing for them.
Hope your weekend is great.

The Brat Pack said...

Phew, good thing the hamsters are still kicking. (and didn't have a heart attack) :)

I know what you mean about public...if I'm alone I take ONE at a time and if L goes then two but that's it. It would be utter chaos.

Lucky you with a three day weekend!