Thursday, September 6, 2007

Much to do about nothing...

What this photo has anything to do with what I am blogging about tonight, I have no idea. In fact, I have no idea what I'm even blogging about.

A few minutes ago I was outside with Craig and Caleb (and my camera of course) just walking around while they were cutting up the tree that fell on the shed 2 weeks ago and I spotted this bug. I'm usually snapping pictures of the dogs but my attention was drawn to this creature climbing on one of the logs. Man is he ugly. I don't even know what type of a bug he is. Does anyone know what he is? I'm assuming it's a "he" because no female bugs could possibly be this ugly!! I finally got tired of him and let him be.

I wanted to stay outside with the guys tonight just to keep them company as I'm not much good with a chainsaw and plus the temperature has started to cool somewhat tonight after a few 90 degree days but I just couldn't. The mosquitoes were eating me alive!! This is the worst they have been all summer. The paper tonight said that the 12 inches of rain we got in August has made the mosquito population explode and boy have they ever.

I'm glad it's almost the weekend. Since we were gone the whole holiday weekend I got nothing done around the house before the start of the work week. I hate going back to work after weekends like that. I just feel like I am behind the whole week long. I did manage to go grocery shopping tonight so that's one less thing to do on my to do list for the weekend.
Until next time.....

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