Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Couldn't Help Him

I was up at the church this afternoon getting a few things ready for the church picnic tomorrow. When I finished and walked out to my car I saw a little dog running around the parking lot. Poor thing had no collar and was all alone. He looked full grown and healthy, but he was a tiny thing, not much more than 10 pounds. I tried my hardest to make friends with him. I wanted him to come to me so I could save him. I wanted to help him find his home. As long as I didn't step towards him he stood still and listened to me sweetly talking to him. I think he wanted to trust me but he just couldn't for some reason. Several times I tried to approach him but he wouldn't let me near him. After about 5 minutes he ran on his way. I hope that he was close to his home and found his way back there, if he even had a home. I hope he isn't hungry. He's on my mind tonight.......

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Balboa & Mommy said...

OH MY, I can't even imagine, I would have done the same thing and of course would not be able to sleep.

I am also going to believe that he got loose from his house and will find his way back, the other is just to painful.

You are angel for trying, and the dog knows that.