Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Wanna Be....

For those of you that you know me, you know I am a wanna be photographer. Only for my own pleasure and because I enjoy it so much. Here are a few shots I've gotten of some wild life in the last few weeks. Granted the pictures are not of elephants or tigers but until I can travel to Africa the chipmunk, rabbit, robin and wren will have to do. If you click on the pictures they should enlarge for better detail. Check him out. He's eating a little nut. I found this little guy at the cottage.
This baby bunny I found at the cottage too. There is a whole nest of them running around.

I didn't think this was the most handsome robin. He looked pretty skinny to me but he was willing to pose so I took advantage of the opportunity.

This is the same robin sitting on a fence in our side yard.

You might have to look close. There is a wren sitting on top of the bird house.

I think she has a nest in there.

Here she's peaking inside.
I've got hummingbird feeders all over the yard so my goal is to get some cool hummingbird pictures. I've been trying but I haven't been very successful yet. Maybe soon you will see some hummingbird pictures.

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