Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pure Joy

I just watched Caleb get in his car and drive away down the road. He's on his way to work. Does he even have a clue the joy he has brought into our lives the last 17 years? I doubt that he can comprehend. Hopefully someday when he has his own family he will be able to experience what Craig and I have experienced since God blessed us with him.

So often I hear people complain and talk terrible about their kids. I listen to people at work, people in my own family, and many others talk like they do not even like their children let alone love them. And I always think the same thing. How sad it is that they do not have that joy in their lives. I cannot imagine having missed that.
I have heard people counting down the years until the kids are out of the house, anticipating when life can be all about them again. Caleb will be a senior next year and I am the opposite. It's hard for me to think about what it will be like when Caleb is no longer living with us but I also know that he knows this will always be his home no matter where he is.

I am relishing every minute of these high school years with Caleb and Jordan. They will be gone too soon but then we will be on to another part of their lives and I am anticipating that there will be just as much joy down the road, wherever that road may lead.

Tell your children that you love

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