Saturday, June 30, 2007

OK, it's time....

OK, it's time to fess up. At the risk of making myself the laughing stock of anyone who ever looks at my blog I am ready to make myself very vulnerable. I decided that today I would confide in you that Seadra and Zoe also have their own blog. Stop laughing!!! It's true and it's real. Since April Seadra and Zoe have joined a network call "Dog's With Blogs" or DWB's. I am not the only person that is crazy for their dogs who also happens to like blogging, this is a great way to combine both pleasures. There are hundreds of us out there.

It happened just by accident. I was doing a search of the blogs one day on "Boston Terriers" to see if anyone out there blogging was talking about their dogs. That's when I can across Ike's blog. Ike is the coolest Boston Terrier with his own blog. I found it so intriguing that a dog could share his thoughts and feeling and have a bunch of friends that do the same. I found myself going to Ike's blog often and also clicking on all the links to his doggie friends. These people, or "dogs" I should say, were having so much fun communicating with each other. And it was all good wholesome clean fun too.

That's when I found myself wanting Seadra and Zoe to have a blog too. I even went so far as to create a new account and get a blog set up for them. I even did a first blog entry for them. I'll have to admit that I was feeling a little foolish so I deleted the whole account. But this didn't stop my yearning to want to join in all the fun that they were having. I still kept visiting the DWB's daily.
So....back in April I decided that if I wanted to do this to just do it!!! I set up their blog and then went to a bunch of the other doggie blogs and introduced ourselves. Before long we had a lot of friends and we all were having fun talking about anything and everything. We actually get to know these dogs personalities. Some of the blogs are hilarious, some are serious but all are fun. We are all dogs except we have one hamster Friend named "Girl Girl" that plays along with us.

The first person I confided in was Craig. I was preparing myself to hear what a nut I was from him but much to my surprise his first comment was "You should have a lot of fun with that". Jordan enjoys looking at the blog and visiting other dog blogs too. I will tell you that Caleb thinks I have lost it.

So here's the link to Seadra and Zoe's blog. If you would like to visit feel free to stop by and see what all this craziness is all about. I decided to make Seadra the narrator of the blog since she is the dominate dog in the house. Be sure to click on the comments to see how we all communicate with each other. And if you are so inclined visit some of the other dog blogs too. Seadra and Zoe's blog pales in comparison to how creative and funny some of the other dog blogs are. But Seadra and Zoe are working on trying to be creative too.
It's been fun..........

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