Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Sweet Puggy Baby

Fiona had her first hip surgery today. We got to bring her home about 6:30 tonight. From what I can tell she is doing amazingly well. Jordan sat on the floor by her and hand fed her a few handfuls of dog food kernel by kernel. I was surprised she would eat. She isn't doing much walking or standing at all. She did take a few steps outside and peed, I thought that was a good sign too.
She is definitely not her happy self and I do feel sorry for her. I'm sure she doesn't understand what happened to her or that this will make her better. Zoe went up to her and tried to sniff her incision and Fiona snapped at her. It's the first time I've never seen Fiona get mad at one of the other dogs. I guess she has a right to be grouchy.

They did Fiona's right hip today because we suspected it was the worse one. After the surgery the vet x-rayed the left hip. He said it's broken and crumbling as well. It's amazing she did as well as she did for these last few months. The vet said she had to be in a lot of pain with the hips the way they were. He said that her hip that was operated on today will immediately feel better other than the muscle and tissue pain, but her joint pain should be gone immediately.... I guess you don't have hip pain when you no longer have a hip joint. She has what is called a "false hip" where the ball is cut off the femur and they live with the leg attached by ligaments, no hip joint at all. Amazing, huh?

Well, we are happy she is home and she is getting lots of kisses and attention. Jordan's last day of school was today so she's going to stay home tomorrow and cater to her every need. Her other hip surgery will follow in about a month.

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Ruby Bleu said...

I'm so glad things went well with the surgery...Poor Fiona...she looks so sad :( Ruby sends lots of healing licks!