Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music to my ears

Listening to my birds. Even it's only for a moment or two. I steal a minute here and minute there and every moment is worth it. I have this Momma Wren (above) nesting in my back yard. I could sit out there for hours and watch her. She's one busy little Momma. And if I get too close to her house she lets me have it! She's very vocal and I love it.

Listening to Caleb's car pull in the drive when he gets home from work. I love the sound of those mufflers as he coasts into the driveway. As time goes by I know the closer we get to that inevitable day when Caleb will spread his wings looking for a nest of his own.

Hearing Jordan excitedly say "Guess What Mom!", when she wants to share something with me that makes her happy. I'm the luckiest Mom in the world.

The click of my camera shutter. It gets my creative juices flowing and I'm always excited to get my photos uploaded. Just wish I had more time.

The wind whipping around me when we are going for a Jeep ride. It makes it difficult for Craig and I to talk to each other but there's no talking necessary. What a stress reliever.

Listening to the words of country songs. I'm not a huge country music fan but lately I've been listening to the words and stories of the songs on the radio on my way to work. "The House That Built Me" is an amazing song and always makes me think about my own childhood home where I grew up.

Listening to Seadra snore at the foot of the bed (Seadra is only allowed to get into bed with me until Craig comes to bed). And hearing her suckle her nookie. I love my sensitive neurotic Boston.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

After this I will be sure to remember to 'listen' to the sounds around me.Sometimes I may hear all the sounds but don't pay attention to each one.Thanks and have a lovely day.

74WIXYgrad said...

Just the sounds of nature on a late spring, early summer day.

Christy said...

I so understand the enjoyment of the sounds around me. I love hearing the birds outside, listening to my boys play together, and always the sound of my camera clicking away. Sometimes it is just the quietness around me when my husband takes the boys on a quick trip to the store. We have actually recently been turning on the TV less and that has been so nice the boys play together better and I can enjoy the birds singing outside more. Thanks for sharing the sounds that are music to your ears, it really made me think.