Sunday, June 27, 2010

Life is good

Finally.... We were able to take our new trailer camping for the first time this weekend. We LOVE our new trailer! We camped up at Silver Lake in a Jellystone (Yogi Bear) campground. That's not our type of a campground but some friends that we met up with already had reservations there. We prefer to be out away from the commotion and a little more secluded. The campground was nice and clean but very crowded and everything was geared towards young families. It's a great place to camp with young kids. Anyway.... We enjoyed ourselves just the same. About 10 different times this weekend I would say to Craig "Have I told you that I LOVE our new trailer?". It's so spacious compared to what we had, so much more comfortable.
Of course Craig spend most of his time out in the dunes. I went for a few hours Saturday morning and took my camera with us. I had a fun photo shoot with Craig and his beloved Jeep.
He loves those dunes and he loves his Jeep.

The weather was beautiful, sunny and 80's during the day. We did have an awesome thunderstorm roll through about 4AM Sunday morning. I love thunderstorms! And by the time we got up the sun was shinning again.
When we got home this afternoon Craig filled up the doggie "kiddie" pool for the dogs. They love it! All 3 of them.
Fiona is doing wonderful! We took her to the vet last Monday for a checkup on her hip. The vet was impressed with how well she was doing. He was so pleased that she is already weight bearing on her leg. He said that most dogs at her stage are just starting to toe touch. Yay for Fiona!


Jen said...

I was thinking of you... I saw on the news some terrible storms at a trailer camping sight in Michigan this morning. Glad you are safe and had a good time.

Margaret said...

Glad to see Fiona looking happy and healthy. That face!!
Sounds like a good time.