Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday is my favorite day of the week

Two of my favorite girls
It was a good day today. After church I asked the family if they would please help me do some cleaning and straightening around the house for 45 minutes or so. I told them if we all pitched in then it wouldn't take that long. Much to my surprise they all jumped right in without much complaining either. And not only did I get 45 minutes out of all of them but I got like 2 hours from all of them. Craig even went through all the kitchen cupboards and organized and trashed a lot of stuff we don't use or need anymore. The house is shinning and I am a happy camper tonight. Amazing what a little help will do to lift your spirits. And I got a ton of laundry done today too. It isn't all done but the majority of it is. It's never ALL done.
We made it to church today after having the last 2 weeks off due to obligations with the kids activities. It was good to get back.
I got all of my fall/Halloween decorations put away today and was half tempted to drag out the Xmas decorations but I talked myself out of it. I'll wait until Thanksgiving weekend.
We had a wonderful dinner tonight. I have discovered these marinated pork tenderloins at Meijer's that we just love. I would have never bought them but they had a special on them one week, buy one get one free, so I bought a few. The are so good!! Craig cooks them on the grill. Our favorite is the bacon peppercorn. We had that with baked potatoes, acorn squash, and corn bread. Yum-O, as Rachael Ray would say.
Sorry to be so boring. I'm not feeling real creative tonight. Have a great week....

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