Friday, November 2, 2007

I've got something in my pocket

I've had several occasions lately where I found myself in an awful situation. I was in the presence of the perfect photo opportunity without a camera. That is practically a sin in my book. I have an awesome camera that I absolutely love but it is big and I don't carry it with me unless I specifically know that I will use it. So...... I went and bought a pocket camera. I bought this Kodak 8 mp, except mine is's a girl thing. I haven't had much opportunity to mess with it yet but so far I like it. You know, I think people in this day and age are so lucky to have digital photography technology. I would have given anything to have had it when the kids were young.


74WIXYgrad said...


I know the feeling. I wish the technology was available and/or affordable when my kids were growing up. However you make up for it with grandchildren.

And it's always nice to have a blog to experiment on.

Balboa & Mommy said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you had a nice time celebrating!