Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We should have been Boy Scouts

Last Sunday we were all excited to go to my parents house and burn the brush pile that's been sitting there for over a year. Last spring my parents had a bunch of apple trees pushed out which made the big pile.
Dad's been telling us that he'd been trying for weeks to get it going but couldn't ever get it started. How hard can it be to start a brush pile on fire? Certainly we wouldn't fail.
We threw in a bunch of cardboard and a match.

It looked like it was going to start and we were encouraged.
A few minutes later this is what it looked like... just smoke.
I think Lu-Lu was laughing at us.
We must have tried 4 different times but each time it would just burn out.
At least it was a nice day and the dogs were loving being outside.
Finally we gave up. Craig thinks we needed a little breeze to get it going.
Here's my Dad looking all defeated. He's getting embarrassed calling the fire department every few days telling them he's going to try again. We are going to try again next weekend if any of you have any bright ideas on how to get a big brush pile to burn.


Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

I don't know if it would be the same as campfires, but I do know in order to keep a campfire going you DO need a bit of a breeze. Hubby has been insisting on this for years, but I have only recently believed him! Good luck!

Diane C.

Rob said...

I hate to tellya, but I think the pile is too high, and a little too open. You're going to need to start with a smaller fire, and keep adding to it. That means you might have to cut the pile down. Hardwood like that, which is kind of green, is going to take quite a fire to get it going and stay going. I'd start cutting.....

Margaret said...

You would think that it would burn, with all that supervising from the doggies! They look like they are right in there helping. Love that Boston body in the background, and Zoe looks so cute. Lu Lu is quite the fashion hound!
Hope you got it started.

Ben said...

Looks like there's more fire on Craig's hat! (I will not suggest my usual answer: "loads of gasoline")