Sunday, January 24, 2010

She's Growing

I haven't been taking as many photos of Fiona as I should be. Before we know it she will be as big as the other two.
She's fitting right in and is a member of our family now. We are still working on the house training but we've seen progress and are encouraged. Jordan's been teaching her to sit. She knows which cupboard her treats are kept in and she will sit by that cupboard door and look at you with the most pitiful puppy eyes. She plays hard until she literally can't go any longer. She loves her fluffy bed and if we can't find her that's where she always is.
She starting to enjoy the outdoors now too. We've had somewhat of a warm up the last few weeks so she's been able to spend some time outside. She found a leaf under the snow the other day and tossed that leaf around for 15 minutes. I love watching her discover new things.
And here's a cute photo from last night.....
"Dad, aren't you gonna share that pizza with us?"


Margaret said...

That photo looks waaaayy too familiar! In my house, Bella would be barking, and Athena would be whining and Daddy would be munching. He does share the crust, though.

Ben said...

I get a kick out of that new pug of yours! (We're dealing with 53 pounds of labrador mutt with separation anxiety when we leave the house right now... argh!!!)

Shelley said...

That Fiona is darling!! Makes me want to get another pup for our house!