Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fiona Update

For my dog loving friends... A Fiona update.
I've had my "What was I thinking?" moments. This brings back so many memories of when we got Zoe. We had already had Seadra for 4 years when Zoe came into our lives as a puppy. Seadra was MY dog, very attached to me, and in my eyes could do no wrong. She was the love of my life (still is). And here comes along Zoe, this puppy who loved to chew, was difficult to house train, ... all the typical puppy stuff. It took a good year with Zoe before she won my heart over and I felt like she really belonged with our family. And today I couldn't imagine my life without her. Zoe is a delight. Now I am experiencing all the same emotions with Fiona.
Of course I adore her and in time she will work her way into my heart just like Zoe did. I love watching her grow and learn new things each day. I was so excited today when she walked up the back steps on her own for the first time. I love how she lets out this little squeal when she yawns. She does the cutest little pug run where she tucks her butt under and runs wild in circles. She loves her toys and wants to play tug all the time.

Zoe is very tolerant of Fiona. She allows her to jump all over her, tug at her ears, stick her nose in her food when she's eating, and they play well together. They will be great buddies. It just melts my heart when I walk in the kitchen and see the two of them cuddled up next to each other asleep.

Seadra has no use for Fiona but I am encouraged that she seems to be accepting her. She is no longer hiding and has gotten her appetite back. I think she has realized that Fiona is here to stay and that she isn't a threat. That's all I can hope for out of Seadra for now. I have seen a few brief glimpses of Seadra playing with Fiona... Who knows, maybe someday Fiona will win Seadra's heart as well.... but I doubt it.

More updates to follow....


Margaret said...

That little puglet face would warm anyone's heart! Bella is a still a challenge in many ways. I figure it's a pug thing. But the trade off-love and devotion from a wonderful dog- is so worth it.

Good luck with your new job!

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Hi Jessica!

Tonight on PBS (we don't have cable) so it was channel 34, WNIT, they had a Nature program on Hummingbirds!!! I wish I knew how to record on our new DVD/VCR thingey, but I don't!!! But they usually seem to run the same one over and over again, so I am hoping you can catch it - it was SO interesting! Oh, and they said that the daddy hummingbird doesn't stick around to help with his new family - so hope that makes you feel a little better about your birds. Oh, wait, was it bluebirds you had? Oh shoot - I think I have the wrong bird. Anyway - thought of y9ou!!!