Saturday, December 26, 2009

My arms are full and so is my heart

We always have this conversation at our house..... Do we want another dog? Yes we do! Are we crazy? Do we want to foster again? If we get another, what kind? A puppy or grown dog? A little dog or a big dog?

Last Sunday Jordan and I went out to eat at this little diner in our town. In the entryway people post ads and we always stop to read them. Wouldn't you know it? "Pug puppies for sale. 3 females (1 fawn 2 black) Born Oct. 10th". It must have been a weak moment for me because within an hour Jordan and I went and picked one out. We told Craig nothing! We weren't trying to pull a fast one on Craig, as he's always the one who wants another dog. We just wanted to surprise him.

The next day we went and picked up our new puppy and waited for Craig to get home for the big surprise. When he pulled in the driveway we tried to stuff her in a stocking but that wasn't working so instead Jordan put a red bow on her head and sat with her in front of the Christmas tree. I greeted Craig at the door and told him we had a Christmas surprise for him. He closed his eyes and I guided him into the living room. SURPRISE!
All Craig said is "What is that???!!!". And then he melted, just like the rest of us did.
We are absolutely loving her!
She's the sweetest thing ever. We haven't named her yet. We called her Raven for a few days and now we are calling her Moe. We'll see it that sticks. We are still deciding.
Zoe seems to like her. She plays with her an is very gentle with her. I know they will be fine together.
Seadra is another story. She isn't being very tolerant of her and is quite upset with us for bringing this intruder into the house. Seadra isn't eating well and she's pouting and hiding a lot. I'll need to give her extra attention and time to get used to this puppy.
As for me? My arms are full and so is my heart!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...what a cutie pie. You'll have a house full of happiness and energy. Bostons and pugs have to be two of the happiest dogs ever.

Merry Christmas!

Ruby Bleu said...

Congratulations!! She is just beautiful!!! I'm sure Seadra will come around! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Michele & Ruby

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That puppy is so cute.It sure has gone to a home with enough love for one more dog.ENJOY.

Margaret said...

Too...cute...can't...take it....
I am having cute overload from you your pictures! My kids are always saying that I either need a black pug or a French bulldog to "complete our set". That baby is the cutest!!
And the pictures with the other two are precious.

Jen said...

Oh holy cow!! That is the CUTEST thing ever!!!

Ben said...

Love those wide set pug eyes! It's funny how these dogs seem to come into our lives! Happy new year!

74WIXYgrad said...

Happy New Year! You are the recipient of a coveted Top Banana.