Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another Chapter

Jordan got her acceptance letter in the mail yesterday from Ferris. She was in Chicago when the package arrived. I knew what it was without even opening it. That girl is so intelligent and amazing that I knew without a doubt it was an acceptance letter. I sent her a text and told her there was a big white envelope from Ferris Office of Admissions waiting for her when she got home. Of course I got a text back "DON'T OPEN IT!".
Now the part where I get to brag on Jordan. Ferris is registering her as an honor student. She'll register for honors classes, will live in an honors dorm and have a private room. And best of all... Ferris is giving her an awesome scholarship based on her GPA and ACT scores. Her scholarship will consist of approximately half of her room and board renewable for 4 years! What a blessing that is and what an honor for Jordan. She's worked hard and has truly earned it.
I've got 9 months to get used to the fact that Jordan will be leaving us. I'm excited for her and at the same time apprehensive of not being able to tuck Jordan in each night. I know that this is just another chapter in Jordan's life with many more to come and I look forward to what the future brings.

Congratulations Jordan. I love you!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Congratulations,Jordan.Mom,you too will do well and get used to not having her at home.With a Mother like you she has a great support system.

Margaret said...

How proud you must be! Congratulations to Jordan and to her parents!