Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Camouflaged Cat

I call this my bird garden. It's a little area on the edge of the back yard tucked under some trees. I don't have much planted in there except hostas but my birds love it. It's protected under the trees so they feel safe. I have several feeders and bird baths in there. I often sit in the back yard facing this little bird sanctuary with my binoculars and camera. Lately when I'm filling my feeders and cleaning around them I've noticed a lot of bird feathers on the ground like something has been attacking my precious birds. Today I even saw dismembered bird parts. And for the last several weeks I've seen a cat dart away when I walk towards that area. This does not make me happy!
Today I was sitting out in the yard enjoying the scenery when I saw a cat fly up out of nowhere and grab a bird right in front of my eyes! A short time later I walked over to the area and look what I spotted. This darn cat has his own camouflaged hideaway. I bet he spends all day there! And I bet he's a happy fat cat because of my bird garden!

Very soon this cat will be finding a new home.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh I hope he finds a new home soon.Cats and birds do not go well together.Good Luck.

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

We have had the same problem! Our neighbors decided to let their inside cat become an outside cat. Well, guess where he likes to sit - you guessed it, right in my garden, under the birdfeeders! Grrrrrrr And knocking on the living room window doesn't seem to bother him much! At least we know why we haven't had much of a bunny problem this year! If you figure out a way to get rid of the cat, let me know!


Jen said...

Yeah, you need to give him a one way ticket.