Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senior Photos Take One

Senior year for Jordan means senior photos. We are attempting to take the photos ourselves. We plan on having many photo shoots and here are the results of our first shoot. I took Jordan over to my Dad's sunflower field and tried to be creative. We have plans to take photos of her in her drum major uniform, with her oboe, at the beach, at Fernwood (botanical garden), in her letter jacket, etc, etc. I think the first ones turned out pretty good, hopefully we will keep improving and get some awesome photos. I'll post more shoots as time goes on. If you like a particular photo please say so. Thanks.


Margaret said...

They're all good! She is a pretty subject, and you are a talented photographer. The sunflowers are a perfect background.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is hard to pick a favorite,but maybe the first one,or the one where Jordan is looking at the sunflower.Have fun on future shoots.

Jen said...

Hard to mess up with such a beauty for a subject here.
Enjoy your senior year Jordan.

Laura said...

Great shots!! Can't wait to see more. With her as the subject and you taking the pics you can't go wrong!