Sunday, May 6, 2007

What a weekend!

As I wrote in my last posting we were anticipating a very busy weekend. It's Sunday evening and I am struggling to stay awake for a few more hours. I'm afraid that if I go to sleep now (7:00PM) then I will be wide awake at 2:00AM.

Jordan's track meet at Bangor was an Invitational Friday night. Jordan struggled with the hurdles this week. As is consistent with her personality she is a perfectionist and was really beating herself up in what she considered her faults were in running the hurdles. I continue to be impressed with her desire to improve her form and her best times each week.
Saturday was the Blossom Parade. This is the first year of the next 4 years that we will be at the parade because Jordan is marching in it now that she is in the high school band. The Hartford band was #23 in the line up so we stayed for 23 entries. Not because the parade was bad, in fact I was enjoying it but we just had too much on our plates to stay for the whole thing.

Then Saturday evening was the prom for Caleb. Despite the fact that Caleb didn't have a date this year he went to the prom and had a great time. Caleb is everyone's friend and I think the fact that he didn't have a date to worry about allowed him to just hang out without everyone and have a blast.

Then was the "After Prom Party". Craig and I chaperoned the party and didn't know what to expect. Boy were we impressed. I wish we would have had an "After Prom party" when I was in high school. It was quite the occasion. We were locked in the school from 11:30 to 5:00AM. The kids had food, games, sports, music & karaoke, and an auction with tickets they earned from the games. It was so fun and it keeps the kids safe. We got home at 5:30 and slept for a few hours this morning.
So today has been a lazy day. I haven't left the house. Craig did take Jordan and Shane to see the new "Spiderman" movie. They said it was a good movie. I think I'll pass on that one. Spiderman is not my thing.

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