Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Days....

I just came inside from walking around in the yard with my camera. My dogwood tree is in full bloom. Some years it is very sparse but this year it's awesome. This picture only shows one branch. It's one of my favorite trees in the yard.
Seadra and Zoe are happy to have me home today. Here's Seadra after she found something that smelled good enough to roll in. See how happy she looks?

This is the start of a very busy weekend for us. It starts about 4:00 today and won't end until Sunday so right now I am relishing in the quiet and calm. Jordan has a track meet tonight, Jordan marches in the Blossom Parade tomorrow, Caleb's prom is tomorrow, Craig and I are chaperoning the after prom party at the school all night Saturday and Sunday we will most likely try to sleep for a few hours in the morning and then try to make the best of what's left of our weekend on Sunday afternoon. I'm not's an absolute joy being involved with these kids. In fact, it's a privilege. I'll be posting some pictures of all our weekend events soon.

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