Thursday, May 6, 2010


When the workers were here putting our fence in last week they found some morels in the yard. Later that night I walked out into the woods behind our house. Boy did I find a bumper crop this year. I found so many I had to run back to the house for a bag, My total for the year was 60! I may take one more walk out there this weekend to check for any last few that might have popped up.
Caleb is always the cook. We enjoyed so many that we were starting to get tired of them. I gave some to my parents and some to the neighbors.

My orioles are back and enjoying the grape jelly I put out for them. They are so beautiful! I'm STILL waiting for my hummingbirds. I really think they have been here but I just haven't spotted them yet. My Dad's been having some at his feeders for the last week.

Tomorrow is Friday. The week has flown by! It's supposed to be cold this weekend... just as long as it's not too cold to do some more yard work.

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Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

I know - we don't have any hummers yet either!!! We have never had Orioles tho - what do you put the grape jelly in/on?

We ran into your mom and dad this weekend - they are such great people, we had a good laugh over and over again!

So how is your puppy? You guys have been on my mind - hope all will be well!!!

Yeah - tomorrow is Friday!