Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another post with no photos..

I rarely ever do a post without photos... That tells you how my life has transformed the last few months. The plan is to be outside a lot today so I'll for sure have my camera out there with me. We've called the fencing company and told them we are ready for them to install the new fence around the back yard so we are doing a few finishing touches getting ready for that. Last night Craig and I went to Lowe's and bought huge patio blocks to place under the gates and also to expand the fire pit area. We still have to move a small tree that is in the fence line and I have a lot of ornamental grasses and hostas to move. Poor Craig's been getting overwhelmed and exasperated. He's been out in the yard every night this week in the dark and in the cold and in the rain trying to get stuff done. I've promised him that I will help more this weekend.

As we speak, Jordan is taking the ACT again this morning. She is consistently getting a 29 each time and needs a 31 to bump up her scholarship. She's determined and we are proud of her. This is her last attempt to try on her own. If she doesn't get a 31 this time we are enrolling her in the Kaplan class at Western. Ferris is giving her until the end of August to qualify. Jordan and I were talking the other night... she very excited about the end of her senior year, so many fun things coming up. Track season is in full swing, senior trip to Florida in a few weeks, prom, etc, etc. Life is good for Jordan!

The last 4 weeks at work have been stressful to say the least. The workload was overwhelming and everyday I have frantically been trying to dig myself out of a hole. I was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and then all in one day I was drowning again. I about lost it. I literally thought I was having a nervous break down. Knowing I was near the breaking point one of the doctors came into my office to talk to me last week. All I could do was sit there and sob! They are concerned and caring and we are coming up with ways to delegate some of my more mundane tasks to others. For the first time EVER since I started the position in January this past week has been manageable. Yesterday I found time to clean out my email, organize some files, catch up on correspondence... I even dusted my office and washed the windows. You have no idea how good this past week felt. We'll see what next week brings... it's so unpredictable. Good thing I love this job!

One day last week one the receptionists called me and said there was someone here to see me. I went out there and there stood one of my patients families. They had 2 dozen donuts and told me they were for me to share with the whole office staff. They grabbed me and hugged me and told me how much they loved me. They told me what a huge difference I had made to their whole family, they said I went above and beyond the call of duty in helping them prepare and understand everything for their father's surgery. I almost cried..... that makes it all worth while.

It's time to go.... there's never enough time on the weekends to get stuff done, especially these days. Have a wonderful weekend and I promise my next post will have some photos.

P.S. The hummingbird migration map is reporting sightings of hummingbirds half way up Michigan already. I saw my first hummingbird April 26th last year but I'm going to hang my feeders today. Are yours up yet?

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Hey,don't over do it.Sounds like a lot of work is happening on your yard.