Saturday, May 2, 2009


I knew it was near time for morels to start popping up but I had almost forgotten about it.  Our family loves morels, especially Caleb and my Dad, but finding them is a challenge.  
The first year we moved to our current home (7 years ago) Jordan and I took a walk into the woods behind the house and hit the jack pot.  We found so many morels that we couldn't even carry them all and had to run back to the house and get bags.  Since that time we have never had so many again.  Some years we barely find one or two.
Yesterday I was out feeding the birds and I spotted one right in the lawn.... an unusual place to find one, so back to the woods I headed to look for more.  I found about a dozen small ones and I'm hoping that more pop up this weekend with the warmer weather coming.  
I told Caleb that I was going to take them over to Pa-Pa (my dad) for a surprise.  Caleb loudly protested "Are you kidding!! These are MINE!".  


Pigeon said...

I love mushrooms but had never heard of Morels before. They are funny looking,but I bet they taste great.

Margaret said...

What do you do with them? Just sautee them? I want one..

Ben said...

I've known of people going off into the woods looking for these - many people consider them quite a delicacy. Nice haul!