Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Saturday Outing

For the last week we've been wanting to go to Cabela's and The Bass Pro Shop over by Chicago and we finally made it yesterday. All four of us went. It took us pretty much the whole day. None of us are hunters or fishermen but we all enjoy the outdoors and these are such cool places that anyone would like them. If you've never been to these stores, it's worth the drive.
Craig got a new pair of boots for working on the snowmobile trails.
Both stores have spectacular displays of real animals. This post would never end if I showed you all the pictures I took. Caleb said I was embarrassing him with all my picture taking and that I looked like some crazy tourist. In my younger years I may have been intimidated to walk around with my camera but now I just don't care. If I want a picture, I take it. Sorry Caleb.
And they had the most awesome murals behind the displays.
This was at the Bass Pro Shop. Craig said these machines were the first snowmobiles ever made. It was a sled that pulled you on a sleigh. Somehow I think Santa has a better sleigh than this one.

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Donald Douglas said...

Looks like a nice outing!

Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Christmas Day!